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Chua Geomancy Consultancy
八字斑 Ba zi class
八字斑 is open for registration for November intake. Do call us for more information.
Feng Shui Class.
Feng Shui Class is open for registration for December intake. Please call us for more information.
            Master Chua, the founder of Chua Geomancy Consultancy, has more than 20 years of experience in geomancy, life analysis and selection of auspicious dates. He is appointed as the Chairman of the Taiwan Geomancer Association, Singapore and the Chairman of the Shunto Metaphysics Association of Singapore. Master Chua adoptes scientific approach to impart his geomancy knowledge when providing geomancy services for his clients, he also conducted geomancy lessons to people of all walks of life. Currently, Master Chua also teaches the ancient Taoist magic known as ‘Liu Ren Xian Fa’ and his disciples from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia.
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