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Grand Master Ricky Chua

Master Chua is the founder of Chua Geomancy Consultancy and he has accumulated more than 20 years experience in geomancy, life analysis, and selection of auspicious date for his clients. Due to his vast experience and contribution, Master Chua is appointed as the Chairman of the to the Taiwan Geomancer Association, Singapore branch. He is also the Chairman of the Shunto Metaphysics Association of Singapore. Besides providing geomancy services for his clients, Master Chua also conducted geomancy lessons to people from all walks of life. Master Chua adopted a scientific approach to impart his geomancy knowledge to his students and even bring them for field trips so that they could understand the geomancy knowledge with real live example. Since young, Master Chua is interested in other metaphysic especially in Taoism. He is an experience and certified Taoist Master in Taiwan and China. Currently, Master Chua also teaches the ancient Taoist magic known as ‘Liu Ren Xian Fa’ and his disciples amounting to hundreds, are from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia.

Introduction to Geomancy

Geomancy is a scientific teaching which study the how the law of natural such as the electromagnetic force affect a person. It is also a teaching which study how the elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) and environment conflicting and boosting each other; psychology and astrology. To simplify the teaching of geomancy, it is an art of how to make use of the environment and element around us to our advantage; to dissolve or prevent disasters and sickness. Geomancy is a intangible force which will enhance a person’s luck to the fullest if you know how to make use of it or it will cause problems to you should you go against it.

Introduction to ‘Liu Ren Xian Fa

‘Liu Ren Xian Fa’ is an ancient Taoist skill that enables the practitioner to protect him or herself from all negative energy and evil spirits. This skill does not have any restriction to gender, age, occupation and background. Anyone with the positive mindset can learn ‘Liu Ren Xian Fa’ and it did not have any side effect or taboos. Through proper training and guidance, a Liu Ren practitioner can use the skill to help oneself and others. A Liu Ren practitioner will receive protection from Liu Ren Xian Shi against accident, mishap and evil spirits. ‘Liu Ren Xian Fa’ is divided into four levels; at the first and second level, a Liu Ren practitioner will learn different kind of incantation and magic drawing for self-help and protection. At the third level, a Liu Ren practitioner will learn how to draw talisman and perform some simple ritual for himself or others. Upon reaching the fourth level, a Liu Ren practitioner will learn to perform different rituals to enhance a person’s luck, wealth, health or relationship.



元保堂三元地理館創辦人,蔡乙德師父生長在一個很傳統的世家,祖父母皆以神符法咒濟世利人,幼年時期受到祖父母的影響,對於道法及玄學術數產生濃厚的興趣,在這幾十年間曾去過很多地方,先後跟過多位前輩師父學習玄學道法,蔡乙德師父傳承名師,專研陰陽二宅、精通命理、擇日,已有二十多年經驗。早年前已開班授徒、為信眾看風水、算命、祈福改運法事等事項,也得到台灣中華堪輿擇日師協會的贊賞,特聘為該會駐新加坡分會長,也是新加坡淳道玄學總會的主席。蔡師父講解風水學是科學,也是一門玄學,綜合了很多方面的自然物理現象,比如地磁原理,生命磁場,陰陽五行生剋理論,心理學,天文學,方位學和環境設計學等。簡單的說,風水學就是一門研究怎樣利用大自然的環境与磁場去改善人生,化解与防止災難和疾病的一門學問。 風水學影響力是看不見亦触摸不到的,它是一种气場,磁場的力量。順著它,我們就會得到人生各方面的提升,安居樂業。逆著風水的磁場,我們會發生做什么事都一波三折,阻阻滯滯,健康直線下降,情緒會一天比一天低落,人際關係會變得愈來愈差。 蔡師父在中國道教嗣漢天師府授籙道名:羅德。中國江西西山萬壽宮授籙道名:清德。閭山大法院龍玄法門授籙法師法名:盟德。也是中華民國道教法師協會駐新加坡分會會長。蔡師父是六壬法派新加坡第一位傳教師,源自江西鳳陽府李法輝老祖師,惠陽縣鴨仔渡羅法明老師公傳下曾法妙師公,本門傳承妙公一脈。門下弟子遍佈新、馬、台、澳等各國家,徒孫百餘人,屬師公級師父。