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Residential Geomancy Consultancy

A refreshing and enjoyable living environment is very essential. We are experienced and have the knowledge to give you a better understanding and perception to have a harmonious, fruitful, healthful and soothing environment. Contact us today for an appointment.

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Commercial Geomancy Consultancy

In this post-recession era, the first step in establishing a business is very difficult. Sometimes there are so many challenges for one to overcome. Let us guide you to a profitable future and in realising your true potential.

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Industrial Geomancy Consultancy

For industrial offices or plants, it's one of the most demanding workplace. Let us pave the way for a productive and innovative future. Also, ensure that harmony and unity exists in that environment.

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Property Consultancy

Many people are searching for the most beneficial and peaceful land. With our experience and knowledge, we will help you to choose a suitable place that you can called "Home".

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Personal Life Analysis

Every person have their own lifestyle and thinking. Some are not sure that their lifestyle is steering toward the right direction. Thus, our advices are able to assure you of a better and brighter future.
Selection of Baby Name/Name Analysis

Allow us to provide a selection of suitable and auspicious names for your special and beautiful newborn baby.

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Tomb Placement

An exemplary tomb placement is based on the burial location and proper ceremonial procedures for the deceased. Also, proper procedures should be carry out so as to ensure that the following generation of the deceased can have a brighter future.

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Fengshui Course

Master Ricky Chua is one of the renowned Geomancy Master in Singapore and he has been providing professional services for more than twenty years. Besides providing services to his clients, Master Chua also conducted geomancy lesson to impart this ancient art to many people from all walks of life including working professional, government officers, businessman, and sale manager.

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Enhance Marriage Chances/ 各項法科解說 /Personal Luck

Marriage is one of the most important event in a person's life. So let us help you with our profession advices to ensure of a blissful marriage.