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事情發生在上個月,我的孩兒突然發高燒,口吐白沫緊急送入醫院。醫生說他的病情不穩定,有待進一步觀察。我感覺不妙就趕緊撥電話給我恩師蔡法章師傅。我還未開口述説我孩兒的病況,師傅二話不説,要我趕緊給他小孩子的生辰八字。他老人家立即推算馬上知曉。 Read More

By 沈法祿
Back in 2009, I was retrenched by the company due to economic crisis. After spending 7 years in the company as the General Manager and in my late 30s, I have a tough period to secure another similar job. I have no choice but to make my end meets by taking on various kind of jobs including part time surveyor, taxi driver, outdoor salesman etc. Read More

2012 年是我人生的一大转捩点,在从事金融网络科技多年的我瞬息间明白到寰宇世间尽非日新月异数码科技所能,机缘际遇在法基师兄引荐下,弟子万幸能拜在恩师蔡法章师父门下,恩师德高望重,道法渊博,学贯六壬平妙二宗,实战经验丰富,一心以六壬传薪为己任,在恩师之训诫和悉心教导,我初探六壬奥妙也渐渐感到心灵安祥自在,处事待人更有自信,更能智明诸原理,每逢工作遇难题浮沉之间进退之中必能解惑破疑迎刃而解,老师公恩泽我现在不但工作收入稳定,事业还渐入佳境更上一层楼。 Read More

By 六壬弟子莫法谦學法的感言
我是陳永華法豪,來自馬來西亞古來,也是位玄學家,在台灣和馬來西亞學習道法數十年,有幫善信和客戶做法事,但都不能圓滿的解決,在兩年前跟隨蔡法章師父學習六壬仙法,蔡師傅由淺入深的教導我,使我漸漸掌握到六壬仙法的施法神髓,在我施法幫助有困難的信徒和客戶時,效應都非常好,令我對蔡法章師傅所傳授的六壬仙法倍加信服,我希望將所學的六壬仙法發揚光大,幫助更多有須要的人。 Read More

By 弟子陳法豪敬
On Feb 23, 2012, Master Chua performed a Taoist ritual of improving interpersonal relationship, and general luck and fortune for me. During the ritual, Master Chua asked me to close my eyes and make my wishes silently to the gods and deities, while he fanned me with the blessed folding fan. While I was making my wishes with my eyes closed, I smelled a very fragrant floral scent every time Master Chua waved the fan. At the same time, my closed left eye "felt" a slight warm and "saw" golden flashes. Read More

By Chris Cham
I never knew about Fengshui and had always regard Fengshui as a Chinese superstition. Not until years ago when I was introduced to Fengshui by one of Master Chua's disciple, Chris Cham. During that time, my company was going through some difficult times and Chris suggested that it might be due to the Fengshui of my company. I was skeptical about it but I find it no harm to try some "alternative" help to see if I can changed the situation in my business. Read More

By Martinus Bernardus Kerstens
I went to see Master Ricky Chua for my life analysis for the year after a recommendation from a childhood friend. Master Chua has given me good advice and I have to say he is also accurate in my life and fortune analysis. I remember Master Chua sharing with me that I will face difficulty in deals (work & personal) during certain months of the year and I need to take extra precaution.
Read More
By Allan Tan
Hi, my name is Chan Lam Kwang. I am a sub-contractor for electrical works. As a Singaporean, I do love to try my luck on the game of 4-D, so as to cash in extra income if I’m lucky enough. Maybe due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have not strike lottery for a long long time if I could remember. Read More

By Chan Lam Kwang
I am Felix Teo of M/s F & M Manpower Pte Ltd. My Company mainly deal with the recruitment of construction workers, maids etc. Sometimes in December 2005, my company lost the WP Online License issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) due to the infringement of the labour law by one of my manager. Read More

By Felix Teo
My name is Frankie Loh, a strong believer in ‘fengshui’. When I moved into a new home, my first priority was to set things right so that the whole family can be bless with good luck and fortune in the years ahead hence I consulted Master Ricky Chua and seek his advice on ‘fengshui’. Many years have passed and looking back on the numerous blessings, it is with thankful heart for what Master Ricky Chua has done for my family. Things have work out well thus so far in my home. My only daughter is now studying in University and even posses a driving license. Read More

By Frankie Loh

Part 1

As a financial planner, i believed that with hard work, nothing cannot be done. However, one step into Master Chua's shop proved me wrong and changes my life thereafter. It started off on 7 June 2000 when i went to the 4D kiosk to collect the result slip. I found that again, the numbers which i bought did not came out. I walked pass Master Chua's shop and was reading his menu of services which he provided. I then decided to try out his life analysis. Read More

Part 2

During November 2008, my father was diagnosed with tumour in the colon (colon cancer) which required immediate attention. Detailed medical examination on all major parts of the body was done due to the fact that physically he was very weak. Surgery was fixed on 26 November 2009, major one as he have to remove the tumour in the colon and bladder was affected. Read More

By Galvin Ong
I have known Master Chua since I was 18 years old. It all started when I happened to pass by Master Chua’s shop and pop in to take a look at his vast collections of Thai amulets and Buddha status on display. I then had a chat with Master Chua as he always greeted people with a friendly smile. Read More

By Jeremy Teo Wei Qiang
The year 2007 is a special year to me the moment I step into Master Chua's shop located in People's Park Complex. There, i first met the true master who changed my life. He was just sitting inside the shop, doing his work and I went in to browse around. Read More

By Koo Hua Seng
In Year 2000 when I was furthering my studies in Australia, I began to take an interest in Geomancy and Life Analysis. However, it was difficult. There weren’t ample resources on Geomancy and Life Analysis printed in English to quench my thirst for research and seeking the knowledge. After spending time and money into reading books, I did not see any good results using Trial and Error methods in my studio apartment that I was staying at that time. Read More

By Nicholas
My husband & myself have consulted Master Ricky Chua for the past 7 years. We usually consult him on my husband's career which has many abstacles over the years. Fortunately, with Master Ricky Chua's advises, my husband was able to persevere on in his job & got promoted eventually. Read More

By Petrina Lum
我的男友追求我一年多了﹐他对我非常好﹐也很爱 我。可是我却一点也不在乎﹐没有好好珍惜他。后来,当我发现我巳经喜欢上他时,巳经太迟了。他巳经放弃了我,而喜欢上另一位女子了。渐渐的他对我很冷淡, 也默不关心,我很心痛也很沮丧。 Read More

By Stacey Lee
My name is Tan Tian Hok and I am the owner of M/s Chin Leong Building Contractor located at No 580A, Balestier Road, Singapore. In 2006, my company had some financial dispute with one of our main contractor. The latter delayed the final payment as well as the Retention Money amounting to a total of S$100,000.00. Read More

By Tan Tian Hok
On 20th April 2008 marked the birthday of Liu Ren Xian Shi and I was invited by Master Chua to join the celebration held in his shop. As I have known Master Chua for the past 10 years, he knew that I do not like to take part in such activities. Moreover, it was my day off and I though of getting a good rest at home so that I can join my friend for a drink later in the evening. However, some strange feeling inside my heart tells me that I must attend this celebration, which I did eventually. Read More

By Tommy Wong
When I was young, I have a deep interest in metaphysic stuff. I always hope to learn, but never had the chance due to my parents. My father was a faithful Taoist believer; however, he discourages us from learning spiritual stuffs, as he worried that we might go haywire. I have no choice but to seek my knowledge from books, I read quite a few books by many famous authors, but I still cannot understand a thing. Read More

By 劉法顯
I always had a strong interest in geomancy, eight characters analysis and astrology since young. However, these were mainly for self-help and which was only met with limited success. Through a chance meeting, I came to know Master Chua and began to study Geomancy and Eight Characters analysis through him. After mastering these arts and applying these concepts, I began to see improvement in my life. I also began to do consultations for my friends and managed to solve many of their problems. Read More

By 張讚文


我在网上读了有关六壬仙法后,突然间很想学这门仙法。于是我便在 网上寻找,看能从那里 学得这门仙法。经过几天的寻找, 我发现在本地教这门仙法的人不多。 反而在香港六壬仙法比较多师父在教,而学习的 人也多。 Read More


跟蔡法绅师父学了六壬仙法 中教课程巳有一段时间﹐都觉得事事顺利。在中教里﹐我学基本拜神仪式和花字。在师父的教导下﹐我也慢慢的对神功有深一步的了解。我本身也用过止血花字﹐用 后觉得非常神奇﹐真的是即用即灵。 Read More

By 曾法泉
我是 李女仕,我和丈夫都是新加坡人,但是長期居住在澳洲,一年前,丈夫回來新加坡後有了外遇,對象是一位中國女孩,我知道后和他大吵了一頓,之后,丈夫就不想 回澳洲,並在新加坡和對方同居,對我也從冷淡到不聞不問。 Read More

By 李女士
姻緣道上,有人一帆風順,白頭到老。有人過著多姿多彩生活,但不開花結果。有人終生尋尋覓覓,最后孤獨終老。有人千揀万揀,最后揀著個爛盞。有人离离合合 多次,情路坎坷。 Read More

By 林維明
I would like to express my gratitude towards Master Chua for performing Wen Chang ritual to help me for my examinations on October 2009. I came to know Master Chua through his website regarding his geomancy services and expertise on Liu Ren Xian Fa (六壬仙法). Through the reviews by many of his disciples and clients, I felt that Master Chua would be able to aid me in my upcoming examination which I have no confident on the two modules. Read More

By 梁法展


16歲就開始成為神明的代言人,創立台灣竹南溫靈宮家族裡只有我與神佛有緣,所以 在無人影響與指導下,修行的這條路上走的特別辛苦,由剛開始的完全排斥,到被神佛慢慢感化及接收到神佛能量與靈驗,才產生好奇與興趣,然而這已經浪費了整 整五年,覺得應該要更努力學習道法五術,來幫助信眾解決難題。 Read More


感謝 恩師 蔡法章師父 真訣無私傳授 讓台灣弟子 王法珍 可以在短短時間 融匯貫通 新加坡、台灣、馬來西亞眾位師兄弟們大家齊心發揚 蔡師父所傳的真法真訣 以下是我王法珍的成功法事案例以各位分享: Read More

By 王法珍
Throughout the last few years, I have consulted some specialists and enrolled myself in some geomancy courses and life analysis courses. Generally, the resulting analysis was that I need the element of Gold and Water, the 2 elements that I take as a guide in my home decoration, my daily clothing color etc. Still armed with so many doubts on those consultations I had, I went to Fu Lu Shou Complex to look for a Master. Read More

By 蘇偉祥
十六歲就開始半工半讀求學,做水電工學徒住在領班老闆家。領班家中是祖傳的 神壇。三年時間耳濡目染之下,使我對玄學的事情感到很有興趣,也認識了一些專職的法師。當時,就曾聽說過六壬仙法很利害,可以打降頭的傳說。 Read More

By 鐘法高
在2008年秋天,我的人生起了重大的變化。本身拜神敬佛已有多年,家中更設有宮壇名為九德宮,平時 為信眾服務解惑,皆靠神明蒞壇濟世,故深感自身能力知識不足,倘若能有道術基礎,便能合神佛救世,並為廣大信徒服務。在法深師兄的介紹下,我慢慢了解六壬 仙法的奧妙並產生學習之興趣,師兄並推薦蔡法章師父。恩師在六壬仙法中是位得高望重,道術淵博,才能出眾之高人,心想如有機會一定要拜師於於淳道伏英館蔡 法章老師門下。 Read More

By 黃法欽

Part 1

大家好!我是莊裕德法基,本身學習過三山道法及各派的老師公法門,雖然在為眾善信或客戶的書符有一定的力量。在蔡法章師父的六壬伏英館才真正認識到法脈真傳及符籙真訣,對自己的靈修及為客戶的書符法事方面都有很大的進步。在六壬伏英館法壇所學的“姻緣和合法”“催財法”及“增運大法”等等各种法事,我都能夠為顧客及善信們做出更好的效果,在此非常感恩六壬仙師,也感恩蔡法章師父,以及五雷教的師兄們的扶助。謝謝! Read More


弟子莊法基拜您为师仅四个多月,但在於应用您所教导的各项法科于我的顾客群,仅有很好的反应。 雖然我是位專業的命理師,之前学过其他的法门,但都用的很不踏实,您对六壬仙法的专精,实战经验,以及无私的授予,让我受用无穷。 感恩六壬仙师护持,法绅师父您的教导。 您现在不是名师,但肯定是明师,希望在不远的将来,您会成为一位名明师。 Read More

By 莊法基
We would like to thank Master Ricky Chua for making our dream come true. Me and my wife had tried to concieve for many years and had spent alot of money going through different tests and various procedures but to no avail. Medical reports from various specialist says we are both healthy. What could be wrong?
We then invited Master Ricky Chua to do an Feng Shui audit/setting at our new house with emphasis on fertitly. A year and a half later, my wife was pregnant and my baby girl was born yesterday.
Thank you Master Chua and your indepth knowledge in the art of Fengshui.

我们要感谢Ricky Chua大师让我们的梦想成真。
我和我的妻子多年來很想要有自己的孩子,我們嘗試了各種方法和花了很多錢,但無濟於事。我们找了很多这一方面的專家,醫療報告显示我们夫妇都很健康。就在我们差点失去希望时,我們邀請了Ricky Chua大師在我們的新房子裡進行了風水設置,並強調了這一點。一年半之後,我的妻子懷孕了,我的女嬰昨天出生了。
謝謝蔡師傅,他對風水知識的深刻瞭解帮我达成願望。 Read More

By Mr. & Mrs Eric Chua